3D Model of a Landfill Produced from Aerial Imagery by Aero-Data Corporation

3D Model of a Landfill Produced from Aerial Imagery by Aero-Data Corporation

Planimetric, Topographic and Volumetric Services

Aero-Data Corporation provides a full range of planimetric, topographic, and volumetric mapping services. Examples of features we map:

Industrial Facilities

Access Roads, Containment Structures, Cooling Towers, Cut / Fill Areas, Disturbed Vegetation, Drainage, Drums, Lagoons, Levees, Piles, Silos, Smokestacks, Stacked Materials, Staining, Tanks, Trenches, and Wetlands.


Access Roads, Cut / Fill, Disturbed Vegetation, Drainage, and Wetlands

Maritime Clients

Access Roads, Berths, Bulkheads, Buoys, Canals, Channels, Channel Markers, Docks, Dolphins, Pilings, Rail Loading / Unloading, Rock Outcrops, Terminals, and Warehouses.


Access Roads, Boulders, Cut / Fill, Disturbed Areas, Drainage, Open Mines, Quarries, and Rock Outcrops.

Oil and Gas 

Access Roads, Disturbed Vegetation, Drill Pads, Emergency Pits, Flow Lines, Pipe Racks, Platforms, Reserve Pits, Tanks, Units, and Wellhead Locations.

Parks and Golf Courses

Baseball Diamonds, Basketball Courts, Buildings, Course Outline, Golf Cart Paths, Greens, Parking Lots, Picnic Areas, Playgrounds, Ponds, Sand Traps, Soccer Fields, Swimming Pools, and Tees.


Airport Runways, Airport Taxiways, Helipads, Railroads, Roads, and Roundhouses.

Urban Infrastructure

Buildings, Cemeteries, Driveways, Drainage, Homes, Landfills, Overpasses / Underpasses, Parking Lots, Pavement Edges, Public Parks, Sidewalks, Trails, Utility Poles, Water Towers, Waste Treatment Facilities, and Water Treatment Facilities.


Crops, Disturbed Areas, Hedges, Marshes, Orchards, Trees, and Wetlands.

Water Features

Lakes, Ponds, Reservoirs, Rivers, Shoreline Erosion, Streams, and Wetlands.

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