Aerial Surveys

Aerial Photography

Aero-Data Corporation LLC provides high quality vertical and oblique aerial photography to both the private and public sectors. Our experienced flight crew has flown aerial photo missions in over twenty states. With our close proximity to the Mississippi River Industrial Corridor and the Gulf of Mexico, our crew can mobilize within hours for rapid response photo missions.

Aerial Photo Acquisition

Our fixed-wing aircraft is equipped with a USGS calibrated aerial mapping camera. This computer controlled camera system features forward motion compensation, gyro-stabilization and automatic film exposure. The camera’s automatic annotation system encodes the coordinates of each frame’s center on the film. We use airborne GPS to gather survey level control as the individual exposures are fired. Weather is monitored using a direct feed from DTN weather satellites to ensure we fly your photo mission under the optimum weather conditions.


We use a high performance photogrammetric scanner. With its quick scanning time (3.5 minutes for color scans and 1.5 minutes for black and white at 12 microns), we can process large scale aerial surveys in a time-saving cost effective manner. The scanner produces geometrically and radiometrically accurate scans. Its improved optic technology eliminates Newtown Rings. Our scanning lab is climate-controlled and purified with a HEPA filtration system.

Orthophoto Production

Orthophotos combine the visual properties of an aerial photograph with the geometric qualities of a traditional topographic map. Each orthophoto shows features within the study area in their true geographic position. Orthophotos are useful for change detection studies and base maps.

Rigorous quality control measures ensure all orthophotos have a consistency of image brightness, coloration and tone. All orthophotos have been horizontally and vertically corrected to produce images free of lens distortions, camera tilt and relief displacement.

Deliverables are georeferenced, compatible with ArcGIS and AutoCAD, and available in both compressed and uncompressed formats.

3-D model of building from UAV imagery from Aero-Data Corporation on Vimeo.

Drone Aerial Photography

Aero-Data Corporation LLC also offers drone imagery. For more information, visit our Drone Photos page.

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