Aerial Surveys and Aerial Mapping

Aero-Data Corporation provides high quality vertical and oblique aerial photography to both the private and public sectors. Our experienced flight crew has flown aerial photomissions in over twenty states. We offer a variety of deliverables from courtroom displays to orthophotos.

Expert Reports and Expert Witness Testimony

Aero-Data Corporation’s expert witnesses have provided expert testimony in both Federal and State Courts in the areas of aerial photo interpretation and photogrammetry. We’ve provided litigation support in cases involving Superfund Sites, Toxic Torts, Environmental Insurance Claims, Pipeline Ruptures, Hazardous Waste Disposal, Train Derailments, Products Liability, and Wetlands Damage.

Geospatial Solutions

Aero-Data Corporation’s aerial mapping specialists will design a GIS to document the land use changes on your site area. Using thematic data superimposed over maps, historical aerial photos, and current aerial and satellite imagery, we’ll help you visualize where and when environmental impacts occurred. We also provide plaintiff mapping and parcel geocoding services.

Historical Aerial Photography and Research Services

Aero-Data Corporation houses an extensive collection of historical aerial photographs of sites located throughout the United States, dating from the 1930s through the present.

Our research staff can also obtain additional aerial images needed from the government and other private providers.


Aero-Data Corporation provides planimetric and topographic mapping, aerotriangulation, digital terrain modeling, and volumetric determinations. Using stereoscopic imagery on soft copy workstations, our skilled photogrammetrists digitize roads, buildings, drainage canals, and contour lines with accuracies that meet or exceed National Map Accuracy Standards. We can calculate cut and fill volumes of excavated materials as well as above ground stored bulk materials.

Aerial Photo Interpretation

Most areas of the United States have been photographed from the air at regular intervals since the 1940s.

Because these aerial photographs document when, where and what activities occurred at a site, Aero-Data Corporation’s aerial photo interpreters can use them to identify or exclude potentially responsible parties at sites where environmental damage has occurred.

Sources of contamination such as waste pits, lagoons, trenches, drum piles, storage tanks, stained ground and stressed vegetation are mapped to provide a detailed visual history of your site area.

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