Client Solutions


We’re your tool for precision agriculture. In addition to performing aerial surveys of your crops, we can review historical aerial photographs to determine how past land use has affected the soil characteristics of your farmlands.

Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

Use Aero-Data Corporation’s current and historical aerial imagery to monitor your facility, chronicle prior use activity on your site, and identify potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities.

Minimize environmental impact at your facility by having us ensure the levee capacity around your storage tanks is adequate for containment.

We provide aerial photo interpretation and photogrammetry services to assist you in selecting drill sites and routing pipelines. We also locate abandoned wells.

With our proximity to the Mississippi River Industrial Corridor and the Gulf Coast, our flight crew can mobilize for a rapid response to document hurricane damage to your facility or oil spills.


Manage your natural resources using Aero-Data Corporation’s aerial photography and GIS. We assist timber managers by assessing the health and growth of stands, estimating timber volume, monitoring the encroachment of invasive species and urbanization, tracking logging activities and accurately measuring acreage.


Louisiana State University's Water Campus Under Construction (Aero-Data Corporation, 2016)

Construction of Louisiana State University’s Water Campus (Aero-Data, 2016)

Use Aero-Data Corporation’s aerial imagery as the base map for your spatial data (addresses, parcels, sewer lines, contours). We’ll create a GIS for you to share data easily across multiple departments.

Rely on our services for evacuation route planning, disaster response, economic development, land administration, public works, designing transportation networks, and natural resource mapping.


Protect your client’s interests. Our forensic experts will analyze historical aerial photographs to produce an unbiased, objective account of the activities, which occurred at your site area over a specific time period.

We offer visual evidence of when and where contamination occurred, as well as the extent of the environmental contamination.Through aerial photo interpretation, we can identify or exclude potentially responsible parties. We can also pinpoint the location of plaintiffs near your site. Our expert witnesses have testified in Federal and State Courts in the areas of aerial photo interpretation and photogrammetry.


We can help you plan exploration with 3-D views of your terrain. We’ll analyze topographic surface features to predict subsurface geology, ensure environmental compliance and identify potentially hazardous areas. Our photogrammetrists can map pits and measure stockpile volumes. (View a 3-D Model of Our Office Building)

Real Estate

Highlight the desirability of your property with Aero-Data Corporation’s high resolution aerial photography. We’ll create detailed aerial maps for your brochures and presentations by overlaying our geo-referenced images with roadways, retail centers, restaurants, schools, parks, residential areas, census and demographic data. Use our aerial imagery to visualize growth patterns, locate and measure vacant land, analyze land cover and land use, identify environmental risks, and track construction.


Manage your assets with our orthophotography and aerial mapping services. We provide topographic and planimetric mapping (roads, railroads, streams, buildings, fences, vegetation) to help you visualize your service area, monitor rights-of-way incursions, and select new transmission corridors.

Wetlands Research

Assure the success of your coastal restoration project with Aero-Data Corporation’s aerial photography and mapping services. Use our current and historical aerial photos to document habitat fragmentation, tropical storm impact, land lost, erosion and subsidence.

Our photogrammetrists will map the sources of water to the watershed, ponding patterns, drainage, vegetative cover, land use of adjacent lands, and possible sources of pollution. The resulting spatially represented ecological data is easily imported into GIS applications, such as ArcGIS and AutoCad.

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