Aero-Data Corporation Now Offers Drone Photography

Aero-Data Corporation is thrilled to announce we have expanded our operations to include drone acquired aerial photographs and video.

Federal Aviation Administration LogoThe Federal Aviation Administration has granted Aero-Data Corporation a Section 333 Exemption, which allows us to operate an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)  legally in the national airspace.

Our DJI Phantom 3 Professional UAS is a quadrotor, equipped with a camera that captures 12 megapixel still shots and 4K ultra high definition video. It weighs less than five pounds, sets up quickly, and functions quietly. All our UAS missions are conducted by a licensed pilot.

The images below illustrate the high amount of detail that can be captured by the UAS. Click the images to enlarge. The images show our office and parking lot.

Our UAS services include aerial surveys of pipelines, right of ways, industrial facilities, energy infrastructure, mining operations, landfills, construction sites, agricultural operations, real estate properties, golf courses, parks, and commercial warehouses.

For large scale aerial mapping, we recommend our traditional manned aircraft.

Please contact us at 225.767.5725 or for any question or a quote.






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