The Top 5 Ghoulish Features on Louisiana Maps

Happy Halloween! We are counting down our top five favorite freakish place names in Louisiana:

5.) Pumpkin Center in Tangipahoa Parish
(30.455393° N, -90.541526° W)

Topographic map of Pumpkin Center, Louisiana in Tangipahoa Parish

 4.) Bloody Bayou in St. Martin Parish
(30.142529° N, -91.472370° W)

Topographic Map showing Bloody Bayou in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana

Bloody Bayou, Louisiana

3. ) Devils Hole in Ouachita Parish
( 32.677857° N, -92.105993° W)

Topographic Map showing Devils Hole, Louisiana

Devils Hole, Louisiana

2.) Big Hellhole Lake in Terrebonne Parish
( 29.217255° N, -91.086203° W)

Topographic Map showing Big Hellhole Lake, Louisiana

Big Hellhole Lake, Louisiana

1.) Dead Women Inside Pond and Dead Women Outside Pond in Plaquemines Parish
(29.234388° N, -89.163382°W)

Dead Women Inside Pond in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

Dead Women Inside Pond, Louisiana

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