Time Lapse Aerial Photographs: From Refinery to Residential Area

Aerial photographs offer more than simply a snapshot of the past. They provide evidence as to what types of facilities operated on a site (agrochemical manufacturing plant, refinery, wood treatment facility, manufactured gas plant). Environmental scientists use this data to pinpoint potential sources of soil and groundwater contamination.

The following is an example of a site that evolved from a refinery in the 1930’s to a residential area in the 1990’s.

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Our photo interpreters map the features visible in the aerial photographs. These features become layers that can be toggled on and off and compared from date to date. The following shows the refinery with mapped features.

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Because the aerial photographs also document when the contamination likely occurred, the photographs provide indisputable evidence that can be used to identify or exclude potentially responsible parties in environmental litigation.

If you would like to learn more about our historical aerial photography studies, please contact us as at contact@aero-data.com or call us at 225.767.5725.

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